38th Edition of the 2022 Regional Farmer’s Day Celebration in Kumasi

Kumasi, 2nd December 2022 – The Regional Department of Agriculture, in collaboration with the Regional Coordinating Council, has accomplished a resounding success with the organization of the 38th edition of the 2022 Regional Farmer’s Day celebration. The event, held at the illustrious Jubilee Park in Kumasi, gathered an impressive array of participants, including farmers, processors, academia, civil society organizations, NGOs, MMDAs, traditional leaders, departmental heads, members of parliament, and the general public.

Under the theme “Accelerating Agricultural Development through Value Addition,” the celebration highlighted the paramount importance of value addition in propelling the growth and sustainability of the agricultural sector. With the increasing demand for processed agricultural products, value addition serves as a catalyst for economic development, job creation, and improved livelihoods within farming communities.

A significant highlight of the event was the recognition and honor bestowed upon thirteen exceptional farmers who received various awards. These awards ranged from Motor Kings, Refrigerators, Televisions, Mattresses, Knapsack Sprayers, and more. The winners, selected through a rigorous evaluation process, showcased exemplary agricultural practices and demonstrated outstanding contributions to the sector. Their success stories served as inspiration for others, encouraging innovation and excellence in farming practices across the region.

An exceptional achievement was also celebrated at the national level, as the region clinched the coveted National Best Farmer award for the 2022 edition of the Farmer’s Day celebration. The deserving recipient of this prestigious accolade was Nana Yaw Sarpong Siriboe from the Juaben Municipality. This recognition not only highlights the agricultural prowess of the region but also underscores its commitment to excellence and dedication to driving agricultural development.

In a groundbreaking move, the Regional Agriculture Department organized the maiden Regional Commodity Fair as part of the Farmer’s Day celebration. With the theme “Linking Smallholder Farmers to the Market,” this three-day event served as a platform for stakeholders along the agricultural value chain to network, exchange knowledge, and engage in trade activities. The fair facilitated valuable connections between farmers, processors, distributors, and consumers, promoting market access and fostering mutually beneficial collaborations.

The Regional Farmer’s Day celebration in Kumasi showcased the fruitful partnership between the Regional Department of Agriculture and the Regional Coordinating Council. Their collaborative efforts not only ensured the seamless organization of the event but also demonstrated their shared commitment to the advancement of the agricultural sector. By creating an enabling environment for farmers, supporting value addition initiatives, and promoting market linkages, they contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of farming communities in the region.

As the event concluded, participants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful celebration. The Regional Farmer’s Day celebration served as a platform to honor the hard work and dedication of farmers, while also fostering dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders. It emphasized the immense potential of agriculture in driving economic development and provided a roadmap for accelerating agricultural growth through value addition.

The 38th edition of the Regional Farmer’s Day celebration in Kumasi was an undeniable success, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the agricultural sector. It symbolized the region’s commitment to agricultural development, innovation, and sustainable practices. With the resounding achievements and inspiring initiatives undertaken during the event, the future of agriculture in the region looks promising, paving the way for a thriving and prosperous farming community.

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