Ashanti Regional Co-ordinating Council Hosts Workshop on LGS Protocols

The Human Resource Department of the Ashanti Regional Co-ordinating Council recently organized a one-day workshop on Performance Planning, Review and Appraisal for Heads of Departments/Units. The workshop was aimed at providing attendees with the basic knowledge needed to manage their staff’s performance effectively and efficiently.

The workshop covered a range of topics, including the importance of staff performance planning, review and appraisal, as well as how to assess their direct reports, measure their performance, and fill out appraisal forms. Attendees were also taught the skills needed to engage with their staff throughout the year and make informed decisions about courses of action, such as recognition/rewards, training plans, promotion prospects, career development plans, counselling, and sanctions.

The workshop was facilitated by Mrs. Vivien Akumia, the Acting Director of the Human Resource Department, and was attended by 19 Heads of Departments/Units and all staff of the Human Resource Department at the Regional Coordinating Council.

During the workshop, participants were taken through the four phases of the Performance Planning Review and Appraisal System, which included Performance Planning, Progress Reviews, Review and Appraisal, and Decision-Making. They were also educated on the importance of Service Delivery Standards and their significance in achieving set objectives for individual staff, the Departments/Units, and the service as a whole.

The workshop was conducted using an adult-learning mode of facilitation, which allowed for interactive discussions and hands-on training. The attendees found the workshop to be informative and educative, and appreciated the insights gained into the Performance Planning Review and Appraisal System.

In conclusion, the workshop was a success, and the Heads of Departments recommended that another training be scheduled for all the staff. They also suggested that there be constant reminders during the planning, mid-year, and final stages of the Performance Planning Review and Appraisal forms. The Human Resource Department plans to hold periodic training on other protocols to enhance the knowledge of its staff and promote the effective management of the Service.

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