Orientation Workshop for Newly Recruited Officers Held in Ashanti Region

The Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council recently organized a five-day orientation workshop for newly recruited officers in the Ashanti Region. The workshop was held at the conference room of the ARCC from Monday, November 21st, to Friday, November 25th, 2022. The objective of the training workshop was to introduce new employees to the service, provide them with the basic service information, and prepare them for their roles in their respective departments and units at their various MMDAs.

The workshop was attended by five hundred and six (506) newly recruited officers from all the 43 MMDAs in the region. The training facilitators, consisting of experienced professionals and experts, demonstrated considerable in-depth knowledge in the various modules with excellent presentations. Adult-learning mode of facilitation and other presentation techniques were employed at the workshop, including lectures (PowerPoint presentation), discussions, and questions and answers (open forum).

The entire content of the training was very appropriate and educative. Empirical and practical examples relevant to the presentation were cited to support points made. The training enhanced the knowledge of participants, and the facilitators did an impressive job exhibiting professionalism and a good sense of delivery. The venue was also very suitable and friendly, which added to the success of the workshop.

Based on a brief and informal assessment by the participants, the following recommendations are made. Firstly, there is a need for a mechanism for follow-up on the outcomes of the trainings. Secondly, training workshops should be organized frequently to boost the performance of officers in the discharge of their duties and also to shape their behaviors to suit the protocols of the service.

In conclusion, the orientation workshop prepared the new officers to acquire in-depth knowledge on how the Local Government Service System works. Participants acquired knowledge on misconduct and the disciplinary procedures, as well as the basic skills and knowledge in their various fields of work. They were also made aware of the repercussions of breaking the rules and admonished to refrain from any act that will bring the name of the service into disrepute. The training was very prosperous, and it is hoped that the new staff will appreciate the new knowledge acquired, acquaint themselves with the core values of the service, and strive to work hard to help achieve service goals.

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