Suame Interchange Project is Within Schedule: Ashanti Regional Minister Explains

The Suame interchange project is within schedule contrary to the view that the project is being delayed. This was noted by the Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. Simon Osei-Mensah when he paid a visit to the construction camp site of Rango construction, contractors in charge of the project.

The Regional Minister explained that unlike most conventional road construction contracts which already have designs, the Suame Interchange project is such that the same contractor is responsible for design and the actual construction of the road. As such most of the work done is at the design stage of which the contractor is within schedule.

According to Hon. Simon Osei-Mensah, the sod cutting by the President in October 2022 commenced the design part of the project. Actual construction of project commenced in February 2023.

The Suame Interchange project is supposed to be completed within 36months from the time of commencement and will consist of a four-tier interchange at the current Suame Roundabout, with overpasses at the Abrepo, Krofrom, Anomangye, Magazine New Road and Abusuakruwa junctions. The Ashanti Regional Minister however noted that there have been a number of changes to the design. The height of the overhead has been increase from 5meters to 5.5meter as a remedial measure against loaded trucks having contact with the overhead thereby causing destruction to it. Also “some parts of the road design which was supposed to be double lane has now been modified to three lane”.

Hon. Simon Osei-Mensah added that, even though the design is expected to complete in some few months’ time, the contractors intend to concurrently work on various diversionary roads so the when the construction begins, it will be much smoother.

Mr. Mohammed Omar Fazzani, the Project Manager, Rango Construction added that though there have been some changes to the primary design, they are ahead of the design schedule.

Ing. Francis Gambrah, the Ashanti Regional Director for Urban Roads indicates that the Suame Interchange project is a ‘design and built’ project, which means the same contractor will be in charge of the design and construction. The design phase is expected to end by August 2023. According to him, besides the design, there are a number of preparatory works that are ongoing such as construction of camp site which is about 85% complete.

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